Hyde: Residence permit (business residence card) - JDG business activity basis

💡 Suitable for those who already have their own registered business or who are planning to start one.
  • Waiting time: 6-12 months after submitting documents. Waiting times may vary depending on the region served.

About the program:

A temporary residence permit (residence card) for the purpose of conducting business activities may be granted to a foreigner if the purpose of his/her stay in the Republic of Poland is to conduct business activities, provided that the following conditions are met.

  • health insurance
  • a source of stable and regular income sufficient to cover maintenance costs.
  • the confirmed place of residence of the entrepreneur is the Republic of Poland
  • in the tax year preceding the submission of the application, received income at least 12 times the average gross salary in the voivodship in which the activity is carried out.
  • demonstrates that it has the means to meet the conditions specified in the preceding paragraph in the future, or is undertaking activities that will enable it to meet those conditions in the future.

General tips for preparing documents

  • Documents must be translated by a sworn translator (tłumacz przysięgły).
  • Copies of the original and translation should be attached to the case, the original documents are provided only for checking the copy against the original. An employee of the Ujenda will certify the copies against the original and stamp them.
  • Documents proving parentage (marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.) must be translated by a sworn translator. However, since there may be variations from one voivodeship to another, check the requirements on the Udąd website before submitting.
  • It is advisable to print documents double-sided and staple the same type of documents with a stapler.
  • Lay out your prepared documents so that the inspector can understand all the information and so that the inspector is not looking for the documents you are referring to. For example, it makes sense to attach UPP and proof of payment from the bank to each ZUS DRA declaration, and confirmation of receipt in the account to the invoices.
  • You should keep in mind that the person who will be making the decision:
    • Unmotivated.
    • He is a low-paid civil servant.
    • Doesn’t speak English.
    • Doesn’t know anything about your business.
    • Does not have a command of highly specialized terms.
    • He may start looking for something to pick on simply because he doesn’t understand your paperwork.

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