We know how to move and legalize your stay in Poland. How to start a business. All about tax and accounting.

1. Determine what issue you want to deal with

Lots of practical advice from the personal life and business side of things

2. Step by step using our detailed guides

The information in the guides is regularly reviewed and updated to keep it current.

3. Spot consultations from proven practitioners

No water, no common phrases, we speak in "human" language bypassing legal terms. You get what you paid for

4. Vir Service Coordinator service

Need help? Chat with your Service Coordinator or take a full escort.

Delegating bureaucracy in one click

We help you do all the necessary paperwork.Hand us the bureaucracy you don't want to do yourself.

Watch the process.

The whole process is in plain sight. You'll know if you need anything else.

Private health insurance for foreigners

Get health insurance from the comfort of your own home! Ideal for visa or residence permit (residence card). Take care of yourself with pleasure! 🌟💼

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1 day


€ 120

Pre-submission check | Pre-submission check of documents

Make sure your application is filled out correctly and all documents are ready. Check it out with us! 👍🔍

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3 days


€ 50

Residence permit - personal counseling

Ready to chat with our immigration expert? He will help you understand all the details of legalization. Ready to start the conversation? 🌍💬

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40 min.


€ 40

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