Emigration in a new format

Ecosystem for immigrants: legalize your stay with ease, solve thousands of bureaucratic issues without stress. Free sample documents, detailed guides, interactive instructions, and other conveniences are designed to make your path to your new life as efficient as possible and as comfortable and predictable as possible.

We know several ways to move and get a residence permit

On your own. Pay only for what you need.

sample documents and forms
free guides
consultations from 30€
pre-submission check from 50€

We believe that you don't have to rely on anyone, including us, to successfully apply for a residence permit. The key is to know what to do and how to do it. Our guides are designed to be intuitive, easy to use and effective. Step by step and you'll reach your goal!

Free and detailed guides - use it
Instructions, templates, flyhacks - free of charge
Buy point counseling
Pay for what's most important to you

And with us, legalize your stay with Migrant Go support.

full assistance before residence permit
from 450 €
money-back guarantee

Friendly support every step of the way. Personal account with monitoring and reminder function. Your personal professional coordinator (Service Coordinator) for the duration of your residence permit. By the way - this is also the first good acquaintance I had in emigration.

Personal cabinet and personal Service Coordinator
Checklists, a personal guide just for your case.
Transferring bureaucratic processes to us wherever possible
Money back guarantee or free resubmission
Unlimited chat support

An accompaniment tailor-made for you.

We support you every step of the way! Our professional experience and handling of hundreds of cases, reinforced by an advanced platform, is always at your service. And if something unexpected happens, don't worry: we provide a full refund of your finances.

Helping you make choices and decisions

First, let's get into your situation and look for good options for a residence permit/move. We might even find something interesting in another country!

Considering budget, family, country of citizenship
We guarantee predictability and security
There's always an option somewhere - let's find it together!

Everything is under control from your personal account.

Keep it under control! In your office: detailed guides, sample documents, useful links, chat with Service Coordinator.

Monitor tasks and deadlines in one place
Reminders will never let you down

Expert consultations with Service Coordinator

Your Service Coordinator is an expert in the world of immigration! Experienced guide for departure and arrival countries. Together, let's make your move comfortable and confident.

Let's choose the best expert
Service notifications to telegram and mail
Anything you're interested in, within the scope of your case, ask anytime

Detailed guide with templates and examples

You're always aware of what steps to take and in what sequence. You'll always be in the right place at the right time.

All the steps are detailed for your case
Detailed instructions with links, templates, sample letters, references and documents

Revise and file your paperwork where possible

Let's do this: before sending the documents, our case manager will once again scrutinize everything. Then we just apply and wait for the visa or card. It's easy, isn't it?

Subtract all contracts, letters and documents
In some countries, we'll file all the paperwork for you
When you self-submit, let's make sure everything goes well and you wait for approval!

Emigrating with us is as easy as ordering a coffee.

It seems complicated on the surface, but with our help - the process is easy and enjoyable! 😊🌟

300+ sample documents + instructions

Up-to-date guides for moving on your own, starting a business and dealing with 1000+ bureaucratic issues.

Hand in hand

We will go through the whole process of obtaining a residence permit with you. We are there for you - full assistance service

Money back guarantee

If you do not succeed in obtaining a residence permit, do not worry! We will refund the cost of the service and are ready to help you re-submit. Together we can do it!

We know how to move the right way

Our experience, practical advice from those who have already gone through the legalization process. No speculation - just dry facts and links to primary sources.


Professional approach! The problem was solved in less than a week, quickly and efficiently. Special thanks to Alexander. I recommend to everyone. Your problems will be solved. Thank you very much! 😊
I would like to express my great gratitude to this company. I've been waiting for a year and a half for a debit card, all to no avail. After contacting the company, within two weeks the issue was resolved with a positive result! Thank you so much! Definitely recommend it.
Thank you so much! They helped with the paperwork for the residence card. Everything went perfectly, I received my residence card 3.5 months after contacting them. Would recommend to others, thanks for your help!