How do I get a visit card?

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All those who have thought about legalizing their stay in Poland have the very first question: how to get a residence card?

Chances are you already know what a residence card is. And I’m sure they were able to figure out all the possible ways to get a visit card.

So that’s how to get a visit card?

The first thing you need to do is to determine for yourself what grounds you have for obtaining a residence card. You can familiarize yourself with all the bases in this material.

The next step is to collect and prepare the documents for a visit card.

Depending on the basis, the basic package of documents may vary. You should also realize that each voivodship has its own unspoken requirements for the list of documents. So our advice is to talk to people you know in your neighborhood who have already managed to get the coveted plastic. They may be able to give you sound advice, or you may be able to get advice from our experts.

Be careful and learn to analyze information on the internet.

We know and are confident that you don’t need us or anyone else, and most importantly, “newfangled helpers” to get your побыtu card. You can handle it yourself. The most important thing is to know how, where and in what sequence you need to proceed. For this purpose, we have prepared detailed self-submission guides for you. We have prepared for you sample application forms from the list of documents for a residence card. Well, in case you need help, you can always buy from us exactly the service you need at the moment.

The third step is the application itself. Let’s note right away that there are only two ways to file: in-person filing and filing through the Poland Post. Each of these methods has its pros and cons. You can learn more about each method in this material.

Finally, you have received a decision to grant you a 3-year residence card.

I want to tell you right away that the process itself is not something complicated. Yes, abnormal situations may arise, but we and our resources are there for such. To summarize – it’s not difficult if you know what to file and fill out. It is always possible to get spot information and deal with the situation that has arisen. And most importantly, there is always a solution.